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“I was recently telling a friend about how you and I used to meet frequently, as you would help me to be mindful and intentional with my finances. I was literally brought to tears as I explained to my friend that you were much more than a money management coach, but offered consistent and enthusiastic encouragement and believed in me and my dreams at a time when I found it hard to see out of the situation I was in. There is nothing I needed more at that time than someone to listen to my struggles, hand me simple tools to succeed, and encourage me that I could.” —Andy Whitcomb
“I hear you are considering using Jean’s services as a Financial Recovery Counselor - As a past client, I can highly recommend her. My husband and I had been deeply buried in debt for more than 10 years and it was getting worse. We considered ourselves highly responsible individuals but things just keep turning up that put us further and further into debt. We knew we needed to do something but never knew how to start and quite frankly, were afraid to take the first step. Working with Jean brought us out of the fog we had been living in and made the process of beginning to focus on our finances way easier than we ever thought possible. She was very considerate of our stress level and never set unreasonable expectations or goals. She provided the hope and encourage us to get started. Less than 2 years later, we now have zero unsecured debt and are way ahead of what we ever thought we could achieve in our financial goals at this point in our lives. There are many different plans and organizations out there that are available, but Jean’s sincerely caring assistance made all the difference in the world for us to succeed.” —PD
“My wife Tori and I are writing to recommend the services of Jean Schneider, Financial Recovery coach. Jean has been working with our family for almost a year supporting our efforts to regain our financial independence. We would not hesitate to recommend Jean’s coaching services. Jean is deeply passionate to help people overcome issues with managing money, while balancing happiness, and quality of life. Jean has shown great sensitivity to our family’s challenges and provided flexibility to scheduling appointments around our small children.” J & —TS
“I should tell you, I appreciate all your help in strategizing for the trip too! I managed to make it until payday, with lots of planning and scrambling with returns etc. (saving a dollar here a dollar there, bringing snacks on the plane, using gift cards from school, etc. etc. etc.) And I stayed in budget I think for the days we were away. I was able to pay for everything expected without having to have a conversation about money problems, which felt great! And enough left for the rest of the month too. So I’m very sold on the planning and tracking idea now! (It has to be less time and energy than all that planning and running around before my trip!) I just need a little more help on figuring out how it works! I am feeling more hopeful about my money situation than I have in years!” —KS
“Jean helped me to gain great clarity and accountability around my financial goals. She is a compassionate counselor, who has a heart for helping process financial issues into successful solutions. She also can be a tough coach that holds you accountable to follow through on what you want to achieve. She has a structured approach to help navigate through the financial maze to a clear vision of what the future holds and a way to track your success. I would highly recommend Jean. I trust her insight and skill set as a financial counselor. ” —EH